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These are the words of “Missing Person” by Michael W. Smith, a song that resonated with my feelings today. I think many people have been there…. I am there now…   I am searching for the girl I used to … Continue reading

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Could the world have repopulated from 3 or 4 woman as is implied in the most literal way of reading the Noah’s ark story?

I got a confession to make: I started the calculations below with the assumption: “Genesis should in some places be read figuratively. Now what objective way can I proof that to other Christians? I know! I’ll show them how it … Continue reading

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Pony cake: Just want to show what I made!

  I decorated this My Little Pony cake for my godchild’s birthday recently. Am rather proud of it, since I did it with no instructions on how to make a pony cake. I just had a rectangular cake, and cut … Continue reading

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SA’s new Children’s act worries me

I sent this letter to several South African publications some months ago, for publishing on their letter page. Some published it, some did not. Here it is unchanged: New Children’s Act worrying  Government is implementing a new Child act. One … Continue reading

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