Abortions to underage girls protects sex criminals, America studies found. What about SA?

This is “16 days of activism for no violence againt woman and children” , right?Right.

We want this nation’s (and all other nation’s) children to be safer, right?


Sadly, there is a part of SA’s new child act which works against child safety. Let us not start with my opinion, but with an article in a recent Huisgenoot and You:

The article starts with a scene of a 13-year-old girl, who is molested daily by her mother’s boyfriend. At least, the girl thinks, she now got birth control. At least she can’t get pregnant. Then the article goes on to describe that as one of the reasons why new laws hand out birth control even to 12-year-olds (and why even 11-year olds can get an abortion without parental consent).

The story was probably supposed to make me feel that the health worker who gave the birth control pills did a good thing. Instead, it made me angry: How dare anyone hand out birth control pills to a 13-year-old without even trying to finding out if she is molested? That is criminal negligence! You may assume that someone who asks for birth control is sexually active. To have sex with a girl younger than 16 is a crime. Studies in America show that 60%-80% of sexually active girls under 16 have an adult (predator) as a partner. (As far as I know, no similar studies have been conducted here, so I am using the American numbers.) A health worker who encounters an under-16 girl asking for birth control thus has good reason to suspect molestation. The law says that anyone who has reason to suspect molestation must report it.

Therefore, if some clinic reports that it prescribed birth control to 6 girls under 16 in a given week, they should also have documentation showing that they reported 6 cases of possible child molestation to social workers that week. And if an abortion clinic reports 3 girls under 16 appearing for abortions in a given week, they should have a paper trail showing that they reported 3 cases of possible child molestation to authorities that week. Does anybody really think that the clinics do that? (Are there any auditors out there who dislike the state provision of birth control and abortions to kids? Following this paper trail from S.A. clinics may be something you can do about it. With such evidence, clinics might be legally prosecuted for not complying.) Mark Crutcher, the chief of Life Dynamics, found out that in America, the abortion industry “services” provided to underage girls outnumber the “reports” of suspicion of assault on a child by 11-1 – at best. And even then, it was usually not reported by the abortion clinics, but by paediatricians.

Which brings me to the point at the beginning of this article: People who dish out birth control to underage girls, or perform abortions on them, and do not report it to the authorities, help child molesters hide their crime and continue the abuse. Helping child molesters is bad for children. I want to protect children from violence against them.


There is something else that greatly protects woman and children, which hardly ever gets a mention: The nuclear family! Children who live with both biological parents are, on average, a lot safer than children who have a mother that often has a new sexual partner. The mothers themselves are also safer. Therefore, any promotion of pro-family values is the promotion of safety for woman and children. (You may say: “But you should not judge cohabiting women!” I am not judging them. But I don’t judge people who judge cohabiting mothers- mothers who make life more dangerous for their children- either.)


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