A feature I would like to see in cell phones

Do you ever get unwanted calls from “private numbers”? With private numbers I do not mean numbers of private persons rather than businesses. I mean telephone calls where the number of the caller is not displayed on the cellular phone prior to you answering it, but the words “private number” appears instead. People who try to sell you something you do not want, for instance?

Of course, the phone shows that this is a “Private number calling”. But if you are like me, you still wonder: Is this some timeshare/ insurance salesman harrassing me? Or is this possibly one of my friends/ family just calling from an unfamiliar phone, not knowing the phone shows me this? And because I am unsure, I still answer. Guess what? It’s an unwanted salesman of things I don’t want- almost every time.

I would like a telephone function that, if a “private number” call comes in, automatically answers to the other party: “This user does not accept calls from private numbers. If you still want this call to be connected, but showing your number, press #.” A family member or friend would be completely willing to press # in that case and show his number. An annoying salesman will probably put down the phone, without the intended recipient ever knowing about the call. You’d be in no danger to miss a call from someone important to you because he or she is simply unaware of his/ her phone’s status, but you’ll also lessen the chance of dealing with annoying salesmen or unwanted credit offers.

Of course, a cell phone manufacturer that likes this idea could always pay me for it by contacting me (via a comment on this blog is fine) and offerring to give me a better cell phone than the (very basic) one I currently have…


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