Is sin attractive?

Recently on the blog Vox Popoli, the claim was made that women find sleeping around an attractive quality in a man. Cause and effect probably rather works the other way round:

Sleeping around most likely do not lead to popularity with the ladies. (If it did, being a regular visitor to prostitutes -and women knowing it- would also make a man more popular.) On the other hand, popularity with the ladies certainly often leads to sleeping around.
In discussing that point (the blog owner calls himself a Christian) , I claimed:

Christian women find sin unattractive.

The blog owner, Vox, disagreed and told me Christian women do find sin, including the sleeping around of men, attractive.
Thinking further, I realised that we both have some part of the truth:
The redeemed, Christ-living-in-me part of a Christian woman find sin unattractive.
The old-(wo)man part of a Christian woman find sin attractive or unattractive, depending on (among others) whether the sin fits in with her own desires. She may, for example, find the suggestion of sin flattering if a married man shows interest in her, but hate it and feel insecure, later when married, if her husband shows interested in other women.
In the latter part, Christian women are no different from other humans. Humans are, on the one hand programmed to find sins repulsive and goodness attractive. We know in our hearts that lying, cheating, greed, selfishness and cowardice are wrong and ugly, and automatically gravitate towards those people who are honest, unselfish, giving or courageous. We get angry about newspaper reports on crime, because sin often repels us. Even thiefs hate stealing – when someone steals from them. And murderous gangs evidentially hate at least some murder, as can be seen when one of their gang members are murdered.
The Christian view is that God programs that idea- the repulsiveness of some behavior- into people. We are firstly made in His image, and that includes our moral compass.
But, even though people are above all programmed to find sins repulsive and goodness attractive, we still find some sins attractive sometimes. Because, secondly, we have a sinful nature.
Is sin attractive or unattractive? Both, it seems. If sin was only the one or the other, this world would have looked a lot different.

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Attempting to question everything, reject the bad and hold fast to the good.
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