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On Biblical womanhood, by a single female who love the Lord

Sites like “Ladies against feminism” (LAF) promote what they see, rightly or wrongly, as “Biblical womanhood.” They tell women to be good mothers and wifes, and discuss, among other things, how a Christian woman could raise children in a non-Christian … Continue reading

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Why are there more women than men in church? One possible answer.

“It is feminization of the church“, some experts claim. “The churches are run nowadays in a way that soothes female ears more than male ears, that caters more to women’s needs than men’s.” That sounds sensible at first glance, but is … Continue reading

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Vox Day is wrong about women: Part 2

 Vox:  B) Irrationally uses things that does not qualify as evidence for evidence: Vox claim #3) :  Romance novels and romance TV are nothing more or less than female porn. Most women will furiously deny it, but their very vehemence … Continue reading

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To marry or not to marry: For men.

 Marriage advocates tell us that married people are happier and healthier and wealthier. But they tend to forget that marriage is also the lead cause of divorce, and divorce make people less happy and less wealthy. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Vox Day is wrong about women (Part 1)

Blogger Vox Day, on his blog, tries to tell men what women are like and how to approach relationships. Leaving aside for a moment my theory that his view on women may be selection bias, let us examine the evidence: … Continue reading

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Amen! Preach it, sister?

An enthusiastic Christian women, not long ago, lived submitting to and serving God. She taught and saw fruit on her work. She strived to keep God at the centre of what she does. She was happy, and felt her life … Continue reading

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No true Christian, no true Scotsman?

Tom: No true Scotsman drinks Jack Daniels. Sally: My uncle Angus is from Glasgow and he drinks Jack Daniels. Tom: Then he is no true Scotsman. The above type of false logic is called the no true Scotsman fallacy. Here … Continue reading

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