Vox Day is wrong about women: Part 2


 B) Irrationally uses things that does not qualify as evidence for evidence:

Vox claim #3) :  Romance novels and romance TV are nothing more or less than female porn. Most women will furiously deny it, but their very vehemence underlines the reality.

So, if someone deny something strongly, the truth of it is underlined? Vox vehemently deny that women’s votes are good for society. Does that underline the reality of women’s votes being good for society? He vehemently denies the rationality of Sam Harris. Does that make Harris rational?

 Vox claim #4) Do you know the story of Snow White? Then surely you remember how the seven dwarves took her in when she was homeless, provided her with food and shelter, and cared so much about her that they shed tears for her and built her a spectacular crystal pedestal.

And of course, you will recall that she ran off with Prince Charming at the very first opportunity.

…we can draw two important conclusions from the fairy tale. One, behaving like a dwarf won’t get you the girl.

 What, according to him, was the behavior of the dwarfs, behavior that won’t get the girl? It was providing for her and treated her as important (“Pedestalize” is the word he always use for that.) Snow White, he claims, did not really care about provision or a pedestal, but ran off despite it. (Leave aside, for a moment, that Snow White is fictitious.)

 Think for a moment: Who could provide better food and housing and clothes, the prince or the dwarfs?

Which is the better pedestal: A glass coffin? OR The title princess, a royal wedding, and the opportunity to order servants around in a palace, rather than cook and clean for dwarfs?

 If Snow White is a metaphor for female behavior, she is not evidence at all that a pedestal and provision is not what women want. (Is his inability to notice this perhaps due to his being the son of a very rich man, and wanting to rationalize that his personality, not his dad’s money, attracted females to him?)

His second conclusion is not even in the story. It is something he prefers to ascribe to the prince’s behavior: The prince don’t stick around, Vox claims, to ask the girl twice.


 On topics related to women, Vox cannot apply his observations rationally.

 (To be continued)


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Attempting to question everything, reject the bad and hold fast to the good.
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