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Strong women: I salute you, the Bible salutes you, and apparently men do too

I previously blogged on the silly notion that women should not be “strong and independent,” but men should be. Now I have two types of further confirmation that the proponents of that view is wrong: a) The dating site eHarmony, … Continue reading

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Vox Day is wrong about women: Part 3, working women

C) Claims evidentially wrong things about women’s effect on society: Vox claim #5) …Unlike immigrants, women don’t create any additional demand by entering the work force. The Law of Supply and Demand is an iron one. If supply rises faster … Continue reading

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Extraordinary claims require … ordinary evidence

It’s a popular atheistic mantra: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!” With that, they throw away any sort of evidence given for God, Jesus or the Bible. (Someone else can perhaps examine the implication that the Christian’s view, and not the … Continue reading

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Why is there so little extra-biblical evidence of Jesus?

Once upon a time, about 75 years ago, an avid motor sport enthuisiast, R.A. Cing, set up a motor sport library. Over the next 30 years he collected reports of races all over Europe. Words like “Grand Prix” were found … Continue reading

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