Vox Day is wrong about women: Part 3, working women

C) Claims evidentially wrong things about women’s effect on society:

Vox claim #5) …Unlike immigrants, women don’t create any additional demand by entering the work force. The Law of Supply and Demand is an iron one. If supply rises faster than demand, the price falls.

(Bold mine)

Vox is really, actually blind enough to believe that women do not create any additional demand by working? Vox is proveably factually wrong. Even the most superficial thinker on this topic has to admit that it increases the need for things like neat women’s wear, for transport, for day-care for children, and for readily-prepared food.

It increase the demand for buildings – women who previously spent most of her time at home now spends a lot in an office/ workshop/ store/ consulting room, and some time at home. Children now need both a home and a day-care centre. These are examples and not an exhaustive list of how working women increase demand.

Vox or his fans may reply with: “But the increase in demand is not as big as the increase in supply! Wether that is true or not, it will be moving the goalposts. The original claim was that “women don’t create any additional demand by entering the work force.”

And suppose women entering the work force makes less of a difference to demand than to supply, this still makes them exactly the same as men entering the work force. The material needs of, say, a boy in his last year of high school, and a newly employed young male who was in high school last year, are pretty much the same.

Is this a silly little detail which only an ankle-biter can complain about? No. This is an example of how Theodore Beale (Vox Day)’s prejudices cause him to miss the simplest and most obvious facts about the opposite sex. He blames women (to quote the name of the piece I link to: “Now this you can blame on women”) for things obviously equally true of men. I assert that he misses the facts to an equally large extend when discussing the character of women.


PS, added 22 May 2013

A flaw was found in a secondary arguments so I deleted it.


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2 Responses to Vox Day is wrong about women: Part 3, working women

  1. namae nanka says:

    So working women increase demand by adding additional demands beyond non-working women. What a facile QED!

    “Divorce, abhorrent as we may find it, increases demand. It is more expensive for two adults to run two households than to run one.”

    and have less disposable income after the essentials have been taken care of,hmmm…. wonder what might they do with it. You really haven’t thought this through, have you?

    “He blames women for things obviously equally true of men.”

    wow, what chutzpah. The 2nd wave feminism got the college educated man in the same position that working men were with the 1st wavers.

    • Retha says:

      You are right about the secondary thought on divorce. I deleted it from my argument.
      As for the rest, I cannot see how it is “chutzpa” to claim that a working man and a working woman both increase demand in the same manner.
      I think you make an argument of this sort:
      Jack: “My bakery was less successful when Milla opened another bakery in the street.”
      However true it may be that a second bakery was harmful to Jack’s business, it does not mean that the bakery harmed the neighbourhood as a whole, or that the other enterpreneur was wrong to open one. For that matter, Milla could equally say that her business was harmed by Jack not going out of business the day she opened hers. But that is no reason to give only one of them the right to open bakeries.
      Your argument is how jumping on the bandwagon affects those who did something first, not how male work essentially differ from female work in the supply and demand category. Vox believes in blaming another group for doing … what his group did all along without blame. That is double standards. But then, double standards is one of the things that drove me to speak out against the system he and many of his commenters advocate: http://biblicalpersonhood.wordpress.com/2011/05/21/“biblical”-patriarchy-is-not-christian/

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