Women’s rights? Yes! Radical feminism? No!

Edit, added when rereading the post in 2014: This post is an example of the nonsense sprouted on feminism by people who have no idea what the dictionary meaning of feminism is. People like the 2011 me sprout such nonsense (being “against feminism”) because we hear the lies others tell.

Some of the people who lie to us are actually against women’s rights. Those are dangerous people. Others are normal, decent people who want all people to be treated justly – they just need a dictionary. Although I don’t agree with this any more, on several points nowadays, (I know for example that the courts do not take the woman’s side in divorce, and there are still some unequal rights in the Western world even though they are not legally enforced.) I am leaving it up as an example, and adding a screenshot of the dictionary meaning of feminism.




Long ago, well-meaning American founders wrote on the “separation of church and state.” They never meant that classrooms should disallow prayer. They never foresaw that decrees would be passed that forbid the posting of the Ten Commandments in schools. Similarly, what we say today can be used against future generations. We have to choose our words carefully.

On some anti-feminist/ Biblical womanhood/ manosphere blogs, people say they are opposed to women’s rights. That bothers me. Humans were made in the image of God with certain rights. For example, God is against murder, as murderers violate someone’s right to live the life God gave him or her. Humans have rights, women are humans, ergo, women have rights.

Do you agree with this sentence?: “A man should be able to rape and murder a women with no consequences whatsoever, as long as her husband/ father agrees that the murderer may do it.” If you agree, you can say you disagree with women’s rights. If not, you probably believe that women should have rights. And if you believe women should have rights, do not claim women’s rights are wrong. The word “rights” have a meaning. So use it.

The anti-feminist crowd, of course, misuse the term”women’s rights” because radical feminists misuse it. Radical feminists, for example, may claim that a pregnant woman has the right to murder her unborn child, as it is part of her body. No. The unborn baby is a human with a right to live. As the bumper sticker say, I support a woman’s right to be born. Another idea that find favor with radical feminists and other liberals is that divorce should be easy. Is the right to break promises, to get out of commitments and leave the other party to a contract (the spouse) without what you promised him, a part of any country’s bill of rights? Not as far as I know.

I am no radical feminist, but not because I oppose women’s rights. Women’s rights activism are good and right anywhere that women actually are denied rights. In the modern Western world, women are not legally denied any rights, AFAIK. People who fight for abortion, who hate men and are anti-marriage make society worse for the sake of their claims, which are not rights. But the anti-feminist crowd, with the best intentions possible, is paving the way for a terrible society too.

The building block of society is stable families, the sort where marriage is a beneficial situation for both men and women. Be critical of liberals who do not believe in marriage and family stability. Be critical too, of the nice, marriage-valuing, wishing-women-all-the-best, guy who say he does not believe in women’s rights. Because the words of people like him, the laws or local ordinances they write, will be twisted by not-so-well-intended despots in future. The pendulum may now be on the women’s side in divorce courts at least, but it will swing back. And because men are physically the ones with the power, it could swing back a lot further to that side. It could swing to the point where society reverts to barbarism because women are seen as having no rights or value.


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5 Responses to Women’s rights? Yes! Radical feminism? No!

  1. Mara says:

    Retha, are you going to write that blog post you mentioned at Wintery’s

    While you’re thinking about it here’s a thread you might be interested in.


    • Retha says:

      Mara, I still want to respond directly to Wbmoore. Perhaps that one will be finished tomorrow evening. I actually thought I already posted the Christ as head one, but I left it in the draft folder. Thank you!

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  3. Diane says:

    In hopes of gaining some support for Women Veterans who have suffered from Sexual Assault from fellow soldiers, I ask that you will please help with this petition. After a woman is raped she may be pushed out of the military and branded a trouble maker. She may be denied services like necessary health care or even the ability to seek justice against her attacker. This is what happened to me and 3 others in my unit. Out of only 13 females in my unit, 5 were attacked, 4 were forced out and one was raped on more than one occasion. Those of us who were forced out now have no VA benefits while our attackers get the GI Bill to pay for their education, VA benefits for buying a home and are free to enjoy all the benefits of a military career. It is not fair and there is so much work to be done, I am choosing to start here but this will not be the end for me. I will not stop this fight until there is a fair and just military for women to serve in as EQUALS and not be treated as DISPOSABLE OBJECTS. We are human beings, we have rights. Please help me to ensure that those rights are respected.

    Please share the following link and help get as many signatures on this petition as possible. Thank you, from all of us, thank you.


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