Men should lead? Responding to Wbmoore (Foreword)

Wbmoore recently put together a men-should-lead post in response to this, which I commented on Wintery Knight’s blog:

How much Bible evidence can you give for husbands’ authority over wifes, or ruler of homes? To recap, verses telling slaves to obey DO NOT teach that God’s design is for masters to have authority as slave owners, and verses telling women to submit should be read in a similar fashion.If you want to develop a Bible doctrine of male authority being God’s plan from the “women submit” verses, it would be as much a fallacy, as to develop a doctrine of slave owner authority being God’s plan from the teachings to slaves.

So give any verses that teaches men should be spiritual leaders, or should be heads of households.

His argument could sound good to the unwary, to those who have been spoonfed themen-should-lead view from a young age, or men who in their pride and sin want to order others around. Sadly, what he sees in scripture just is not there. I ask you dear reader, to look out in his post for the one thing I assert is not present in scripture: Any Biblical orders that gives husbands the right/ responsibility to rule their wifes.

I will split this into 3 parts not to have it so long.

Part 1 Does creation and the fall make men leaders?; Does submission verses mean that men are to rule?

Part 2 Headship; Could we read that Timothy verse on face value?

Part 3 Ruling the household, ad hominems instead of answering


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