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Good News Clubs and their critics, part 5: Clubs are not linked to American politics in the way Katherine Stewart claims

Previous part: <<Good news clubs and their critics, part 4: My conversation with Eric Ceynar (“Intrinsic Dignity” opposes the Gospel message itself) —————————————————– Before we start with Katherine Stewart’s accusations against GNCs, I want to state one paragraph with facts: … Continue reading

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Why I am a Christian

Sorting through old computer files, I came upon this answer tthe question: “Why are you a Christian?” By the date of the file, I wrote it in 2006. It’s a hard question not because there are too few reasons, but … Continue reading

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Who treats sex as dirty?

Not so long ago, I tried to tell a woman what I find wrong with pornography and BDSM, as I sometimes do “Don’t tell me you are one of those people who think all sex is dirty”, she spat back. Who thinks sex … Continue reading

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