About trans people, and having a heart and brain that match

There are points on which I agree so much with trans advocates that methinks those who disagree are bigots:

Trans people are as human as anyone else. They bear the image of God as much as anyone else. They should have the right to dress up the way they want to as much as anyone else.

Christians should love other people, including trans people. But will you please go with me from issues of having a good heart to reasoning well (having a brain to match your good heart)?

By all statistics I know of, MtF transgenders are no more or less violent than other male-born humans. People on one side of this issue try to tell us of gentle, harmless transwomen, and on the other side of violent transwomen. To conclude, from that, that all or no transwomen should be treated with suspicion is a fallacy.

Except for generalization, there are other arguments to avoid when talking of transgender people:

But for a small part of humanity (something less than 1 percent), the visible parts and the inner identity do not line up. For example, it is possible to be born with male genitalia but female chromosomes or vice versa.” – Mark Wingfield

This is a common argument. I just happen to be using the word choice of one particular individual.

What trans advocates mean by “inner identity” is the way people think about themselves. This is not the same as chromosomes. No evidence suggest that the people who think they are the other sex are those people whose chromosomes do not match their genitals. That, IMO, is the biggest flaw in trans advocacy arguments: There is a consistent habit of telling us about chromosomal differences and genital differences and brain types, and using that as evidence why people – with no evidence that they have any of these differences – should be seen as (fe)male. This is akin to giving the geography of the US-Mexico border, telling us about the places where you are not sure if you are in Mexico or the USA, and using that as your main argument for immigration. Almost nobody who wants to immigrate actually live right on top of the border.


Here is a similar argument:

“And now brain research has demonstrated that it also is possible to be born with female genitalia, female chromosomes but a male brain.” – Mark Wingfield

Firstly, not all researchers agree on that: Many feel there is not a measurable difference by which to distinguish male from female brains. As far as I know, none of the supporters of brain sex has ever been given a lot of brain scans without names or sexes attached, to try and identify people’s sex by the brain scan. And researchers who believe in brain sex have not, as far as I know, proven that the brains of transgender people look like the brain of the other sex.

This argument go from one word meaning to another to make their argument, the fallacy of equivocation. Researchers use ‘brain sex’ or ‘(fe)male brain’ to refer to physical properties by which a male and female brain (allegedly) differ. Trans advocates use ‘brain sex’ and ‘(fe)male brain’ to refer to whether your mind tells you you are male or female. Here is an example of the same fallacy: The criminal got a 5-year sentence for his racket (business scam). So they should send my young neighbours who made a racket (loud and constant noise) at their party last night to jail.


Or this one: There is 1 transwoman murdered every 29 hours. We have to stop the violence!

There are about 437,000 murders in world in a year. About 80% of the victims are biologically male, which mean 349600 murders per year on biological males. 1 murder ever 29 hours means 302 transwomen (biological males who claim to be women) are murdered per year.

0.086% of murders are on transwomen. What percentage of men are trans? 0.3% of people are trans. Of those, about 3/4 are male. That means 0.45% of men are trans. (Calculation: In 100 000 people, around 50 000 will be of each sex, and 300 will be trans – about 75 AFAB and 225 AMAB. 225 of the 50 000 AMABs will be trans.) If a group that is 0.45% of the male population suffer 0.086% of the murders on men, they are actually a lot less likely to be murder victims than most.

Okay, you want to tell me transwomen are women. In that case, transwomen are about 0.45% of the female population, and they suffer about 0.35% of the murders on women. Of course, I am against murder. But I am not convinced that transwomen suffer from murder at a higher rate than other people.

Please, trans advocates: I see no problem with your hearts, but try to let well-thinking brains match well-meaning hearts.


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