How to be pro-life without really trying

There are people, mostly in the USA, who will do absolutely anything to be pro-life. As Christians they will vote, in this election cycle, for someone accused of rape and fraud, a racist with a very on-Christian attitude towards women, the poor, and the strangers (foreigners) among the nation. Why? If a conservative person appoints judges they are slightly more likely to be pro-life judges.

Not that much more likely, mind you. If a judge made her or his views of such matters public, she or he would not be eligible for the position. So they want a non-outspoken pro-lifer who will be 100% outspoken pro-life in office. Uhm, okay.

Some don’t spend time and money on the poor and the sick and the exploited, because their time and money goes into abortion issues. At least, I am told that by some other American Christians, so I believe it. If that is not you, if you really spend time on both, great.

Many are willing to compromise honesty and print half truths and whole lies in their anti-abortion literature. For example, pro lifers sometimes write that aborted babies feel pain during abortions. There is evidence that this is true for fetuses over 20 weeks. But the majority of abortions in the US is done before 8 weeks.

There has got to be another way!

And there is.

Abortion is generally lower where incomes are higher, where prejudice against single mothers is lower, where birth control is more readily available, where equality between the sexes is better, where literacy rates are higher. In short, communities which trust that mother and child could live with safety and justice, where each human is treated better/ valued more, produce women who value life more and abort less.

Work for justice, equality between men and women, and for education. Work against poverty, against woman and child abuse, and against racism, age-ism and ablism. Vote for the same things you work for. That way, you create a society where all humans are valued. Valuing humans would certainly change the abortion statistics, improve society in other ways, and give Christians a better name among unbelievers.


About Retha Faurie

Attempting to question everything, reject the bad and hold fast to the good.
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