What does love look like?

What does love look like? Here is one picture among the billions:

Huh? What do I see here that you do not?

Beneath that pale lilac pillowcase is a laptop computer. My computer is important to me, as I write better than I speak.

My mother (rightly) thinks I need to spend a little less time at the computer. She is also techno-handicapped: She can’t use a computer at all.

Yet, despite having no use for a computer herself, she covers mine with a cloth in the evening if I visit her. She does this without exception. Her reasoning is that someone may break in, and if they do not see a computer, they will not steal it. Why does she care about this machine? Because she loves me, and I care about the material on this computer.

I don’t even do that for my own computer, but she does.

A picture of love often looks very ordinary. Yet love is the most extraordinary thing in the world.



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