The boy and the witch

Bastian and Xayide

It is an old story. It is told in many versions, by different writers:

> Kay (in “The Snow Queen”) gets enchanted by the evil snow queen and his friend Gerda saves him.
> Edmund (in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”) gets enchanted by the evil White Witch, who makes it to always be winter, and Aslan and his people saves him.
> Bastian (in “Neverending Story 2”) gets enchanted by Xayide, a sorceress of emptiness, and his friend Atreyu saves him.

Kay and the Snow Queen (artwork by Vladyslav Yerko)

It is always a boy who gets enchanted, and always a woman who symbolizes evil and emptiness. (Cold is the lack of warmth, like emptiness is the lack of contents).

I understand what human truth this type of story conveys. But why does this kind of story always portray the male as the boy who almost innocently strays from what is good, and the female as an evil adult with the power and will to knowingly deceive? What quality inside humanity views women as the ones to blame?

Edmund and the White Witch

I think I know the answer. But I put it as a question to get others thinking, and to hear more answers.


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Attempting to question everything, reject the bad and hold fast to the good.
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