Children’s ministry: Illustrate the creation lesson while you tell it

Many lesson series for teaching children has a creation lesson at the start of the year. This is a stick figure drawing, easy enough for the artistically handicapped among us, to help children remember the days of Genesis 1.
I am not trying to tell you how to present the lesson or what application you should have for the lives of children, so the wording will be short. (Refer to your Sunday School/ children’s church manual for your lesson message.) Some explanations – what a cloud is, the meaning of “separate” – is for younger children and may not be needed in your class.

You need: A writing board or large piece of paper stuck to the wall/ to corrugated cardboard; 2 colors of pen/ crayon for the type of board you use (use the brighter color for the numbers, the other for the rest.)

The beginning: God made the heavens and earth. This circle side (show on the picture) is earth, the rest is the heavens. The earth was empty and dark, but God(‘s Spirit) was already there.


Day 1: This long red line I am drawing is a 1, for the first day. (Color to the right of the 1 with a dark color. If you use a blackboard, leave the dark side and color with the side of white or light blue chalk on the left side.) God separated light and dark. To separate things is to take them away from one another. He put darkness on one side and light on the other side.

Day 2: (Draw a 2 with clouds above and water lines on the earth.) God separated – took away – the water in the air from the water on the earth. Clouds are water that is up in the air.

Day 3: (Draw 3 as a line between land and sea, and a few plants on the land side.) God made dry land appear, and He made plants.

Day 4: On day 4 to day 6, God made things to live in the places he made the first 3 days. On day 4 he made things to live in places made on day 1, on day 5 to live day 2 places, on day 6 to live in day 3 places. On day 4 he made the sun for the light He made, and the moon and stars for the darkness. (Notice how two fours are used as lines for the sun and for a star.)

Day 5: (A 5 in the air makes a wing and part of the tail for a bird, and a fish’s side fin is the rounding of another 5.) On day 5 God made birds for the air He made, and fish for His sea.

Day 6: (Draw a few animals with sixes as faces or bodies.) God made animals to live on the ground. This is a cat face and a lamb. Up to now, God called it all “good.”
(Draw two stick figures with sixes as faces and a part of hair.) Now God calls it “very good.” The earth with humans is better than the earth without it.


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