JK Rowling is not in trouble for “transphobia”. Quite the opposite.

“Shut the fuck up TERF.” “Fuck you, J.K.” “Eat glass.” “JK Rowling can suck my neopenis.” “I hate her and I hope something bad happens to her now.”*

A few of the violent reactions Rowling got

…and a few more

These are all threats which J.K. Rowling have received the past week. Her crime was this tweet:


While wishing people would “live their best life in peace and security”, Rowling also defended Maya Forstater, a woman whom trans activists strongly disagree with.
One of the accusations against Rowling was that she is a “transphobe“. This would literally translate as someone with an irrational fear of transgender people. If you do not want someone to have a (irrational) fear of you, you would want them less afraid.

If Rowling was irrationally scared of a group, the group would have been well advised to invite her over for a friendly cup of tea in a public setting (no chance for the not-so-scary-as-is-thought group to do anything violent there, as the allegedly scared little mouse wrongly thinks they want to). If an unduly afraid Rowling sees her opponents are actually gentle and amicable, it would dissolve some of her fears.

I believe the trans activists are lying to us, and maybe even to themselves. Make no mistake: Trans activists do not want Joanne Rowling less afraid of trans people.

Quite the opposite. If you send threats, you want people more afraid, not less so.
They do not want the rest of us less afraid, either. Instead, women who have unpopular opinions on trans issues often hear things like: “I punch TERFs” or “choke on my d*ck, TERF“.

I know that the average trans ally reading this will tell me that all of them are not represented by “a few bad apples.” I understand the argument, but if so, these nonviolent trans activists would strongly oppose the violent ones.

Trans activists seem quite fine with the thousands of women too afraid to speak up and say they are not women, and should not take over women’s spaces, though. Although literally scared of trans activists, these women are never called transphobic.

JK Rowling is not in trouble for transphobia, in other words fearing the trans community. She is in trouble for not being afraid enough.


* Sources for threatening statements:
Answers on Rowling’s own Twitter comment here 
Feminist Current embedded tweets here
Other twitter respondents’ views shared as screenshots.

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