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I am on the autism spectrum. Here is why I hate “Rain Man”

Rain man, by Leonore Fleischer, is in some ways a really good book. If it was not, nobody would have made a major movie from it. Methinks, she puts excellent character development into Charlie, the allistic (non-autistic) brother. The way … Continue reading

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I am autistic. Autism awareness can go to hell. Unless…

2 April is World Autism Awareness day. This post is my Autism Awareness contribution. A recent South African movie, Raaiselkind (Puzzle child), was about parents who struggled a lot with their autistic son. The producers said they wanted to help … Continue reading

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Actual autistics at the Autism Stakeholder Engagement – how could they make the most of it in future?

“Dress up pretty”, said my mother when I told her I am going. “Just be yourself” said Melt Olckers, the autism self advocate who invited me, when I wondered if I could be of any use there. I was recently … Continue reading

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A Christian response to transgenderism

Five years ago, you probably never even heard the word ‘transgender’. Ten years ago, you certainly did not. But since Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner came out as transgender in 2015, the topic has been everywhere. Laws have been changed to … Continue reading

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Gender discussion: Could we please include all the stakeholders?

I have been discussing gender roles for years. Nowadays, when I do that, transgender activists also enter the discussion. From them, I learned that some people in this discussion exclude others and are filled with fear.

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Gender issues: Who are the stakeholders?

  “He commanded that I give up my car, my tv, my guitar, etc, I complied with only a whimper of protest. I didn’t have the rights to own things anymore. I was a wife now, and my husband was … Continue reading

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Is God Autistic?

You who started reading now, I can’t see you responding to the question. Perhaps you just thought: “Blasphemy! How could she ask that!” If you did, it is because you see autism as  a flaw, and your God is not … Continue reading

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