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I am autistic. Autism awareness can go to hell. Unless…

2 April is World Autism Awareness day. This post is my Autism Awareness contribution. A recent South African movie, Raaiselkind (Puzzle child), was about parents who struggled a lot with their autistic son. The producers said they wanted to help … Continue reading

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The Rose McGowan incident shows the trans community are wrong about feminists

Imagine, for a moment, a women’s shelter advocate in the USA named Trudy. Trudy have never done anything in particular for abused women in Latvia. In fact, Trudy have never been in Latvia and did nothing there. She does not … Continue reading

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Children’s ministry: Illustrate the creation lesson while you tell it

Many lesson series for teaching children has a creation lesson at the start of the year. This is a stick figure drawing, easy enough for the artistically handicapped among us, to help children remember the days of Genesis 1. I … Continue reading

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What 50 Shades of Grey (and other romantic stories) really say about women – it was not what I thought

When “50 Shades of Grey” came out, I did not want to live on this planet any more. In my mind, women were reading about a woman getting beaten and stalked – and enjoyed hearing how she suffers. I read … Continue reading

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Actual autistics at the Autism Stakeholder Engagement – how could they make the most of it in future?

“Dress up pretty”, said my mother when I told her I am going. “Just be yourself” said Melt Olckers, the autism self advocate who invited me, when I wondered if I could be of any use there. I was recently … Continue reading

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Join the club! A word game.

I wanted to join: > The social anxiety club, but I am afraid they would hate me. > The psychics club, but they should know that. >┬áThe “Learn to Organize your Paperwork” club, but I can’t find their number. (It … Continue reading

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The boy and the witch

It is an old story. It is told in many versions, by different writers: > Kay (in “The Snow Queen”) gets enchanted by the evil snow queen and his friend Gerda saves him. > Edmund (in “The Lion, the Witch … Continue reading

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