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Women cannot help transwomen with safe spaces

Women, as a group, cannot help transwomen, as a group, with safe spaces. I don’t say we should not – I say we could not. We are unable to do it. It is an impossible pursuit. It is an oxymoron, … Continue reading

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Why most women are not “cisgender”- and why it matters

I am an administrator of a Facebook group which discuss how women are treated in the church, and how to understand the Bible on the topic. Our main issues in the group are misusing the Bible to say women should … Continue reading

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Does BDSM give society wise messages about consent?

There is more than one way to diminish the importance of something. Compare: a) “Money is unimportant, don’t complain about your poverty.” b) “Money is very important. I will give you 5 cents – then stop complaining about your poverty.”

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How to support truth and justice in a he said/ she said rape accusation

Question: “I hear stories of high-profile rape accusations, or of men around me accused of rape. How do I respect the facts in a he said/ she said story?” Answer: Start by asking who you are, and what your responsibility … Continue reading

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Why no decent person should call any other human being a “TERF’

I don’t know you, but I can guess a few things about you. The first is that you see yourself as a good person. Or perhaps a reasonably decent person, or a wonderful person. Whatever. The point is, on a … Continue reading

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‘Doing all this electronic work makes me hungry, so I eat a lot’, he said elaborately. (e-labor-ate) ‘Is it morally right to take this road? Will I do good or harm to others by taking it’, she asked pathetically. (path-ethically) … Continue reading

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I was born to be a radical feminist – and it is nothing radical

I When I was in school and a boy teased me, the other girls said: “It is because he likes you!” I told them that if he likes me, he is supposed to treat me well. It seemed elementary to … Continue reading

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