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Is God Autistic?

You who started reading now, I can’t see you responding to the question. Perhaps you just thought: “Blasphemy! How could she ask that!” If you did, it is because you see autism as  a flaw, and your God is not … Continue reading

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When could we not stand on the Word?

I wish some Christians will be a little more humble. When others – especially fellow Christians – correct you, the best answer is often not: “I am standing on the Word, which will always be more right than your opinions!” … Continue reading

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Why should only feminism be “Intersectional”?

Imagine a woman named Sally. Sally runs a soup kitchen. Sally gets some donations, but she also literally gives away all the money she has to feed the poor. Imagine saying Sally is a truly evil person because she does … Continue reading

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It is time to reflect on the “It’s Time” prayer meeting

“How was it?”, said the WhatsApp message. Uuhhhhmmm, what do I say in a few words on a smartphone? Praying with more than a million South African believers was priceless. It was the biggest religious gathering in South Africa since… … Continue reading

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What does love look like?

What does love look like? Here is one picture among the billions: Huh? What do I see here that you do not?

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I wish there was no abortions, but pro-lifers are wrong

I wish the world was different. I wish no pregnancy was ever a medical emergency and every woman in the world had access to good hospitals. I wish no woman ever had financial or social reasons to wish she was … Continue reading

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A scientific study of tongue-speaking?

“…test them all; hold on to what is good, 22 reject every kind of evil.“ says 1 Thes. 5. Okay, I want to test if the thing called “speaking in tongues” done in Charismatic churches is really a supernatural gift … Continue reading

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