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A Christian response to transgenderism

Five years ago, you probably never even heard the word ‘transgender’. Ten years ago, you certainly did not. But since Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner came out as transgender in 2015, the topic has been everywhere. Laws have been changed to … Continue reading

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Children’s ministry: Illustrate the creation lesson while you tell it

Many lesson series for teaching children has a creation lesson at the start of the year. This is a stick figure drawing, easy enough for the artistically handicapped among us, to help children remember the days of Genesis 1. I … Continue reading

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Is God Autistic?

You who started reading now, I can’t see you responding to the question. Perhaps you just thought: “Blasphemy! How could she ask that!” If you did, it is because you see autism as  a flaw, and your God is not … Continue reading

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When could we not stand on the Word?

I wish some Christians will be a little more humble. When others – especially fellow Christians – correct you, the best answer is often not: “I am standing on the Word, which will always be more right than your opinions!” … Continue reading

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It is time to reflect on the “It’s Time” prayer meeting

“How was it?”, said the WhatsApp message. Uuhhhhmmm, what do I say in a few words on a smartphone? Praying with more than a million South African believers was priceless. It was the biggest religious gathering in South Africa since… … Continue reading

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What does love look like?

What does love look like? Here is one picture among the billions: Huh? What do I see here that you do not?

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I wish there was no abortions, but pro-lifers are wrong

I wish the world was different. I wish no pregnancy was ever a medical emergency and every woman in the world had access to good hospitals. I wish no woman ever had financial or social reasons to wish she was … Continue reading

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A scientific study of tongue-speaking?

“…test them all; hold on to what is good, 22 reject every kind of evil.“ says 1 Thes. 5. Okay, I want to test if the thing called “speaking in tongues” done in Charismatic churches is really a supernatural gift … Continue reading

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Fatherless boys and respect – what is the real issue?

Found on the Internet: “We need more boys to grow up with fathers – then they are much more likely to know how to treat a woman with respect.” What is the cause, and what is the effect here? Is … Continue reading

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Religious games I never want to play (again)

Gifts Tetris: Instead of standing out, you try to fit in, not use your special gifts, and disappear.   Gifts Tetris Variation: Your church wants you to not stand out, to fit the space they give you, and disappear. So, … Continue reading

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