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A Christian response to transgenderism

Five years ago, you probably never even heard the word ‘transgender’. Ten years ago, you certainly did not. But since Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner came out as transgender in 2015, the topic has been everywhere. Laws have been changed to … Continue reading

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I wish there was no abortions, but pro-lifers are wrong

I wish the world was different. I wish no pregnancy was ever a medical emergency and every woman in the world had access to good hospitals. I wish no woman ever had financial or social reasons to wish she was … Continue reading

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How to be pro-life without really trying

There are people, mostly in the USA, who will do absolutely anything to be pro-life. As Christians they will vote, in this election cycle, for someone accused of rape and fraud, a racist with a very on-Christian attitude towards women, … Continue reading

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Pro-lifers need to think bigger

In the abortion debate, I find it hard to give my support to anyone. I believe the pro-lifers: we should not simply kill the unborn for being unwanted. I believe the pro-choicers: Sometimes, the circumstances of a woman is such … Continue reading

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