When could we not stand on the Word?

I wish some Christians will be a little more humble.

When others – especially fellow Christians – correct you, the best answer is often not: “I am standing on the Word, which will always be more right than your opinions!”

Sometimes, you have the Word and your critics have the Word. They just understand it differently. You may be able to enrich your faith or your understanding of God by being teachable. Continue reading

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Why should only feminism be “Intersectional”?

Imagine a woman named Sally. Sally runs a soup kitchen. Sally gets some donations, but she also literally gives away all the money she has to feed the poor. Imagine saying Sally is a truly evil person because she does not work on all the needs of the poor. Some poor people need job training – Sally does not do that. Some poor people were unjustly fired or is getting paid too little – Sally does not work for a trade union. Many poor people have some problems with their housing – Sally hardly has any contacts to help with that. Some poor women stay with abusive men rather than being homeless – Sally does not run any domestic violence shelters.

Would this be reason to oppose Sally? Not in the least! It will, however be a reason to see what else, beside what Sally does, could be done to help the poor. Luckily, people do not treat Sally and her ilk that way. Likewise, medical doctors are not slammed for not being psychologists and marriage counsellors at the same time. But there is one group who is slammed for not being everything to everyone: Feminists. Continue reading

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It is time to reflect on the “It’s Time” prayer meeting

“How was it?”, said the WhatsApp message.

Uuhhhhmmm, what do I say in a few words on a smartphone?

Praying with more than a million South African believers was priceless. It was the biggest religious gathering in South Africa since… since the previous weekend, actually. Every Easter weekend, an estimated 3-5 million members of the Zion Christian Church goes to Moria in Limpopo.

I heard people say – and made the mistake myself – that “It’s Time” was the biggest religious gathering ever in South Africa. That is worrisome. It shows that South Africans still do not know and talk to each other enough. Most of us do not even know of the annual event in Moria. In fact, this is great evidence of why we need to pray together – and talk together – in the first place.

I can understand why this event was both anticipated and criticised: Continue reading

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What does love look like?

What does love look like? Here is one picture among the billions:

Huh? What do I see here that you do not? Continue reading

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I wish there was no abortions, but pro-lifers are wrong

I wish the world was different. I wish no pregnancy was ever a medical emergency and every woman in the world had access to good hospitals. I wish no woman ever had financial or social reasons to wish she was not pregnant. I wish no woman in the world had pressures to allow sex she did not want. I wish every pregnancy and every girl and boy was truly wanted from the start.

That being said, I wish pro-life groups will change their attitude from the core. Continue reading

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A scientific study of tongue-speaking?

“…test them all; hold on to what is good, 22 reject every kind of evil. says 1 Thes. 5.

3215358Okay, I want to test if the thing called “speaking in tongues” done in Charismatic churches is really a supernatural gift and not just meaningless sounds. I know the Bible has something called “speaking in tongues” but is this the same thing Charismatics do nowadays?

This is actually potentially easy to study. Many charismatic churches have people speaking in tongues during sermons, or explaining it. Sometimes, nowadays, church sermons are electronically recorded.

For a scientific study of speaking in tongues, I propose this study:

You need:

a) Recordings of people, at least 5 of them from different churches, speaking in tongues at church. (During personal prayer does not count – the Bible teaching about prayer time tongue-speaking is that it is between the praying believer and God, and does not need to be understood by anyone else.)

b) People, at least 5 of them from different churches, who claim to have the gift of interpreting tongues.

The method:

Present the the 5 or more recordings of tongue speaking to each of the 5 or more interpreters. Write down their translations. (The reason for 5 or more is so that a fake interpreter or fake tongue speaker can be identified from between the group.)

Compare their answers.


Dear reader, does this suggestion shock you? I am sure that, as believers, we could want to know the results of a study like this. The difference between believers and unbelievers is that we are willing to act on evidence, and should be willing to persue this if it actually is from God.


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Fatherless boys and respect – what is the real issue?

Found on the Internet: “We need more boys to grow up with fathers – then they are much more likely to know how to treat a woman with respect.”

What is cause, and what is effect here?

Is it:

Men are respectful towards partners, and if women just stay with them, boys see respect and behave better?


Women generally stay with respectful men and leave disrespectful ones, so the boys who from 2-parent homes are more likely to see respect modelled by respecful fathers?

I think the latter.


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