Why consent is not enough in BDSM

The first time Louise encountered Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism on the Internet, she was revolted. How could anybody treat another human like that? She was so disgusted, that the pictures kept replaying in her mind.

And then a strange thing happened. From the replaying of these pictures in her mind, she starts to find them … dare I say it? She starts to find them arousing. This is a surprise to her, as previous pain in her life made her somewhat immune to sexual responses.

Now, Louise’s reaction is not abnormal at all. The female body reacts to the possibility of rape by at least making the chances of injury less. Her physical arousal at the thought of sexual violence does not mean Louise wants to be raped, but the opposite: Her body wants to be unhurt.

“So”, she thinks, “I am not that abnormal? I can respond sexually?” Continue reading