It is time to reflect on the “It’s Time” prayer meeting

“How was it?”, said the WhatsApp message.

Uuhhhhmmm, what do I say in a few words on a smartphone?

Praying with more than a million South African believers was priceless. It was the biggest religious gathering in South Africa since… since the previous weekend, actually. Every Easter weekend, an estimated 3-5 million members of the Zion Christian Church goes to Moria in Limpopo.

I heard people say – and made the mistake myself – that “It’s Time” was the biggest religious gathering ever in South Africa. That is worrisome. It shows that South Africans still do not know and talk to each other enough. Most of us do not even know of the annual event in Moria. In fact, this is great evidence of why we need to pray together – and talk together – in the first place.

I can understand why this event was both anticipated and criticised: Continue reading