Christ or man? A complementarian silences me (Ahem…)

I recently had a conversation with Wbmoore, in which we defended different views of whether God want one sex to always lead and the other to always follow. A commenter named Bigwow answered him on his blog, on the same topic I did. In the comments there, I invited Bigwow to my blog too:

Bigwow, I believe that it is the witness of God inside you, the intentions of Jesus, that tells you that men cannot always lead in marriage, and women cannot always follow. You are being told that the Bible say the opposite of the “loving others as yourself” commandment your heart knows to be true.

Can I invite you to my blog? Like Moore, I believe the Bible is true. But we come to different conclusions on this issue. Perhaps, at my blog, you could see that the Bible does not contradict what you instinctively know to be right already. (Since Moore responds to me -parts of my words at least- here, and since he also conversed on my blog, and since I link to his blog on my answers to him, and he hasn’t politely returned the favor yet, I do not find it wrong to self-promote now. )

This comment was posted on his blog, one week ago, but he still did not publish it. He usually publish comments within hours. Nor did he publish any other link to my blog, even though he directly quoted and opposed selected parts of my views. Moore does not, in my view, argue in good faith.

But more significantly: We have a soul here, Bigwow, who feel he/she cannot trust the Word of God. And he answers that all the negative impressions Bigwow has of the Word is indeed true, and Bigwow should suspend all his/her impressions of right and wrong, and rather believe the Wbmoore understanding of male/female relationships.

That is, to my mind, an unnecessary hindrance on Bigwow’s path to God. Even a strong complementarian, if he loves the gospel, have to say: “Hey, this is truly not a matter all Christians agree on. I’d love to talk to you on why you can trust the Bible, and the Bible’s Jesus, but meanwhile, we can leave this issue until you’re ready for it.” Jesus did not tell Simon and Andrew, James and John, the first day He met them, all the implications of following. He started by showing them Himself. But Moore do not even want to allow Bigwow to see a link to me, who may help convince him/her: The Bible can be taken seriously. And, per implication, Christ is worth accepting.

(I shouldn’t be surprised that a complementarian silence me, a woman. But Moore believe women should not lead in the church or home, and bringing an unbeliever closer to trusting the word would not fall in either of those two categories.)

I have to assume he loves male leadership more than he loves Christ…