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What does it really mean to stand up for life in a violent world?

I just finished a riveting action/ crime novel, and it was a page-turner: The main character is a bodyguard, protecting a lottery winner. 7 people get killed in the story. 5 characters are personally responsible for at least one of … Continue reading

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Pro-lifers need to think bigger

In the abortion debate, I find it hard to give my support to anyone. I believe the pro-lifers: we should not simply kill the unborn for being unwanted. I believe the pro-choicers: Sometimes, the circumstances of a woman is such … Continue reading

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Abortion and birth control – where is the line?

When I read this, I was angry. A mother tells that her mentally handicapped (about 8-10 year cognitive level) daughter was raped, and being the pro-lifer that she is, she refused a pill that may (on purpose) prevent contraception, or may … Continue reading

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