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A Christian response to transgenderism

Five years ago, you probably never even heard the word ‘transgender’. Ten years ago, you certainly did not. But since Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner came out as transgender in 2015, the topic has been everywhere. Laws have been changed to … Continue reading

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Why most women are not “cisgender”- and why it matters

I am an administrator of a Facebook group that discuss how women are treated in the church, and how to understand the Bible on the topic. Our main issues in the group are misusing the Bible to say women should … Continue reading

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The immigration supporters who could not answer questions: The question transgender people do not answer

One day, Joe asked wannabe immigrants: “What does Mexico represent to you, and what does the US represent? Why do you want to live in the USA?” Before they could answer, others did. They dragged Joe to lectures about the … Continue reading

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